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CSVnet is the Italian national association of service centres for volunteering (CSV, Centri di Servizio per il Volontariato). Founded in January 2003, it includes 62 of the 63 CSVs established in accordance with the framework law on volunteering (n. 266/1991) and represents them both at national and European level. This law is repealed and the current legislation is Third Sector Code (Legislative Decree 117/17), issued following the 2016 reform (Law 106).
CSVnet taking inspiration from the principles of the Volunteering Charter of Values and the Charter of Representation, it aims at increasing the collaboration and the exchange of experiences and expertise between CSVs to help them achieve their objectives, while respecting their autonomy. To this end, it provides counselling, training and support, working to make the CSVs network more effective as a system of  “agencies for the local development of responsible citizenship”.


Chairman - Since 2011, the association is chaired by Stefano Tabò. Born in Genoa in 1961, he earned a Laurea degree in Political Sciences with a thesis entitled “Gruppi di volontariato: elementi di definizione” (Volunteering groups: elements of definition). He was also awarded a post lauream diploma degree in “Perfezionamento del Terzo settore” (Refinement of the third sector) by Università Cattolica of Milan. Engaged in volunteering since the 1970s, he worked as deputy manager at Caritas, Genoa, from 1991 to 2014 and until the same year he was the director of the Auxilium Foundation. Since 2015 he is vice-president and legal representative of Opere Pie Riunite Foundation, in Genoa. He was one of the founder members of Celivo (CSV Genoa), that he chaired from 2004 to 2011. Among other things, he was the editor of the whole text of the Charter of representation.

Social bodies – Assembly of member CSVs; Governing Council (36 members); Executive Committee (8 members).


CSVnet undertakes intensive research activities on the scope and characteristics of its specific sector. Those listed below are among the most important and recent ones:


The institutional activity of CSVnet is communicated, in particular, through the web site csvnet.it and its social profiles. Some thematic web sites are also active, among which: